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Central Heating

We design and install central heating systems for homes and businesses. 

Central Heating Design

In order to get a heating system which works effectively and economically it is important to calculate how much heating power will be required, into the building as a whole (in order to calculate the required size for the boiler or other heat source) and into each room (to calculate sizes of radiators or other heat emitters). A full central heating system design should take into account a number of different variables, including: the area and U values of walls, windows, doors, floor and ceilings; types of heat emitters; volume of the room; ventilation losses and boiler sizing among many other things. We can carry out surveys on existing homes, to establish if you have the most efficient heating system, and if not, what you may be able to do to improve its efficiency.


Heating services

The central heating system is an integral part of your home. it is often easy to forget that there is a network of boilers, radiators, pipes, pumps, and tanks that make it possible to enjoy hot water and air in those dark, cold winter days. To ensure that your heating system is in good shape, it is important to have the proper type set up in your house. At Gas Tech, we can:


• Design, supply and install central heating systems

• Service, repair and supply and fit new gas boilers

• Help you find the cold spots in your home with a full heating survey

• Replace old radiators and supply and fit new ones

• Check for carbon monoxide leak

• Establish if your central heating system requires a system flush

Wet Central Heating System

This is the most common form of central heating found in homes. You may be familiar with this type of heating system, with its boilers and radiators located around your home. Water is heated in the boiler, after which it is pumped to radiators to heat the air in your rooms.


Another variant is under floor heating, where hot water is pumped through the pipes located underneath the floor heating the room.

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